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Our passion is hair
Virtual Reality® and Virtuésse® designed with the client in mind, each average hair appointment takes about an hour but leads to an amazing and effective solution for men and women suffering from hair loss. Virtual Reality the 4 week solution is done through an amazing technique involving the application of an invisible, non-degradable, synthetic "layer of skin" called Dermalens™, into which genuine hair, compatible in color, texture and length is inserted. The results are a virtual cosmetic miracle-hair restoration that instantly revives your youthful appearance and looks completely natural.

Less than 1% of all hair restoration centers in the world are selected and certified to deliver this incredible product. Migrate from the negative world of "cover-ups" to the modern world of fashion accessories - the unique benefit of a hair replacement system is the ability to deliver an instant appearance change.
"A cutting-edge company [with] big ideas..."
Eric Hanson, The Montel Show
Virtual Reality Studio Locations
Virtual Reality and Virtuésse clients receive special benefits:
  • An international network of studios where only VR Elite customers can get service at no additional charge
  • The artistry of expert technicians at Certified Concept Studios, trained in our specialized procedures
  • The style that suits you –- with no home maintenance
  • The Dermalens™ skin-like membrane, which gives you a mirror-ready appearance and the option to change your style anytime you like
  • Automatic upgrade to the latest technology